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Masterbation. Refers to the look that some men get on their face at the time of climax.
Guys sometimes turn japanese when they watch pornos.
by Chris Paladino March 19, 2003
An inside joke question, to which the proper responce is "Yes indeed".

Refers to an old wave file from a Bruce Lee movie.
Have some tea?
Yes indeed!
by Chris Paladino March 13, 2003
Something that eats humans.
Sharks are humavores, and so was Jeffry Dahmer.
by Chris Paladino November 11, 2003
Used for expressing happiness, shock, or boredom.

Can take the place of the words wow, hello, yeah, or a sigh.
Hello Joey.
by Chris Paladino March 13, 2003
A word used to express confusion, or question. Often prompting someone for more information.
This is a horrible meal.
The meatloaf is burnt, and the rice is hard.
by Chris Paladino March 13, 2003
Any small marker of, or relating to gaming.
I marked my character's movement with a beebo, so Joey knew I was finished.
by Chris Paladino March 13, 2003

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