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The accumulation of sweat, dirt, grime, and stank under a man's ball sack after the daily grind. Usually far to potent for the possibility of sexual acts such as fellatio. See also duck butter.
Ew Rich, I can't give u some knobber because that fermunda cheese is atrocious.
by Chris P June 14, 2006
Covertly ntering your partner from behind while under the guise of doing it doggy-style. As soon as he.she relaxes, screaming "Look out-Big Bird!" and vomiting on his/her head. Also can be used to describe having anal sex with multiple partners in a train fashion when vomiting on the person in front of you when one person yells "Look out! Big Bird".
Kevin had a bunch of circus midgets over at his trailer last night and they all Machaned - it was a mess.
by Chris P November 26, 2004
a sweet, funny, and very attractive woman; currently dating a "Junebug"
That girl was so sweet and beautiful, she sure was Dimoloo.
by Chris P January 27, 2004
serious term of abuse (even stronger than "armpit"), but suitable for use in polite company where the target individual is not just a fool, but an annoying fool.
"you THRUSH!"
"why thrush??"
I'll explain in private....
"because you are an irritating cunt."
by Chris P December 10, 2004

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