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4 definitions by Chris Ogden

n. The state of being in a long-distance relationship with another person over the Atlantic Ocean, for example, with one participant living in the United States and the other living in the United Kingdom, along with the emotions that accompany such a state, such as the desire of physical intimacy, melancholy and hope.

(Named after Death Cab For Cutie's fourth album, and the title track from that album which discusses such a concept.)
'I'm telling you, man; me and her are the definition of transatlanticism.'
by Chris Ogden September 24, 2006

To knowingly ignore or disregard. Most often used as 'palmed' as in 'You just got palmed.' (referencing the 'Talk to the hand because the face ain't listening' gesture, in which the palm of the hand is pointed towards the speaker)

The embarrassment factor of being palmed is similar to that of being owned.
Wow, you just got palmed.
by Chris Ogden July 22, 2008
v. To visit Starbucks to drink, socialise, read, etcetera.

'What are you up to this afternoon?'
'I was planning on starbucking, but if you want to hang out, I can always do it another day.'
by Chris Ogden September 24, 2006
interj. An expression of acknowledgement, agreement or excitement.
'Hey, I got tickets to the Muse gig next month!'
by Chris Ogden September 24, 2006