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Misspelling of "sniper."

Screenname of a certain internet user.
Shut up, Snipper.
by Chris Moore December 12, 2003
people who live in the point loma area of San Diego who have their heads up their asses. Most of the times they're too god damn chill for their own good or to even talk to you.
person: "hey man do you know what time it is?"
Pl Chill: *stares*
Person: "do you have a watch"
PL Chill: "i'm sorry you don't have enough chill points for my response yet, leave my presence at once"
by Chris Moore March 16, 2005
A persona of a certain Southern California internet user, known for his love of Japanese animation and tendency being of being strict and firm with specific rules and guidelines.

Known to post at many different message boards.
Oh my God. That is so Vekouesque.
by Chris Moore December 12, 2003
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