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An excellent guitar player who often uses natural harmonics and pinched notes.

(By the way, he is in fact better than Tom from Blink 182. There is no way in hell that Tom could play any of Zakk's solos.)
Zakk Wylde is better at guitar than you.
by Chris Macabre March 05, 2004
An excellent abience/insustrial synth artist who has an amazing stage show and wears goblin/troll make-up.
Mortiis fucking owns.
by Chris Macabre March 05, 2004
The art of frontal donkey punching with a mate. Also used in Slopfuck, which involves punchfucking, donkeypunching, explosive diarrhea, midgets, and various other acts.
Hey pretty lady, may I interest you in some punchfucking? Or perhaps some chips?
by Chris Macabre March 05, 2004
The greatest band in the world. Fueled by Bumblebees.
by Chris Macabre March 05, 2004
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