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a phrase originating from an episode of Will and Grace in which Jack is trying to spread a new phrase meaning "Come on, you can do it!" but it keeps being taken over by a very mascualine female personal trainer.
Come on, lift those weights, stake it!
by Chris Keitt July 24, 2006
a. A place for little teenagers to take slutty pics of themselves in nothing but their underwear and then post captions that say things like "omg, i'm so fat" or "omg, i'm sooo pretty" when what they need to be doing is playing in traffic. b. a place for big kids to go on and see who can get 25,253,322.2 friends first and where conceited people are most often the ones that post bulletins that consist of "New Pics" or "Leave Comments" or any combination of the two
20 Rules of MySpace

#15- Those of you with 25 million friends, get real, everyone hates you, there is no way you can keep up with that many friends.
by Chris Keitt July 23, 2006
1. Someone of total mental capacity acting or speaking as if they are a small retarded child OR a term used to describe someone right after they have asked a stupid and/or obvious question to something that is of common knowledge.

1. What's the number for 911?

Person A: How do you play Pac Man?

Person B: Dude, you're a re re kid, use the fuckin' arrows!

by Chris Keitt July 23, 2006
A person of average or ugly appearance that attempts to draw attention to themselves by dressing in all black and/or doing their make-up badly. This goes for males and females. Males with black nail polish are especially needy bc why else would you want to wear such an ugly color on ur hands? Males and females usually have oddly colored hair that makes you wonder if they meant it to look like it got stuck in a cotton candy maker. Also, they listen to music in which you cannot understand any of the words over the loud and pathetic guitars in the background. They say they frown upon social norms when all they really want is to be like the rest of society, but they fear they will be rejected, therefore they are social hermits that form fragile friendships in which drugs and sex are their biggest links to each other.
I've never seen a pretty goth.
by Chris Keitt July 24, 2006
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