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Natural Ice beer...the strongest beer that you can find in your local hometown Wal-Mart...responsible for many jackass stunts, most commonly steve-o's and Taco Bell runs...contains 5.9% alchohol by volume, as compared to Bud Light's 3.9. Anyone who drinks Natural Ice Light are officially labeled pussies. NATI's are the official beers of the PCH's. (Putnam County Hardasses)
Shit dude, I had like 4 Nati's and woke up with a walking case of the clap.
by Chris Haas September 21, 2005
The wonderful feeling you get after consuming a large amount of Goldschlager, a cinamin schnaps drink that contains real 24k gold chips inside of the drink.
Gold rush this weekend?

Hell yeah.
by Chris Haas November 08, 2005

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