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a. A variant of w00tm0053.
b. A label for someone that has no meaning. See nickname.
c. Coined December 31, 2003 at 3 am.
"Hey w00tg0053. Get over here."
by Chris Grammer January 01, 2004
a. A celebration that takes place every December 31 to celebrate the beginning of a new year.
"This December 31st, we're celebrating New Years Eve!"
by Chris Grammer January 02, 2004
1). A person who uses marijuana.
2). A person that deals with marijuana.
"Eric is a big chronicist."
by Chris Grammer March 13, 2004
1).Of or pretaining to a chronic disorder.
2). A life-style or form of business that deals with marijuana.
See also: Chronicist
"My life is based upon chronicism."
by Chris Grammer March 13, 2004
1.) The form of control the RIAA is trying to put on music.

2.) A combination of both autocracy and music.

3.) To form control of all music definitely.
"The RIAA doesn't want to save music. It wants to own it. Every one bit of it! It will be a pure Automusocracy-like lifestyle if that happens.
by Chris Grammer February 13, 2004
The practice of hijacking.
He is skilled at hijackery.
by Chris Grammer April 05, 2004
Wootmoose w-OO-TE MOO-CE

a. More commonly spelt, w00tm0053.
b. Used in conjection with, Hot Pockets.
c. A term for someone that means nothing.
"w00tm0053 has forcibly inserted the Hot Pocket into its' anus!"
by Chris Grammer December 23, 2003

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