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the 4th album from the band HIM. It goes back to their roots from Greatest Love Songs. Vol. 666, their 1st album. It is also what Ville Valo classifies their music as
Love Metal is Awsome!
by Chris Creveling April 20, 2004
The 2nd Album by the band HIM. It is their best selling album to date. It features the song Join Me (In Death) which was used in the European version of The 4th floor with Juilette Lewis.
I just got Razorblade Romance, that shit is fucking awsome!
by Chris Creveling April 20, 2004
The 3rd Album from the band HIM. Not their best album, but certainately good. Their best song on it is Heartache every moment
Deep Shadows and brilliant highlights is an awsome CD
by Chris Creveling April 20, 2004
The 5th Album by the best band in the world, HIM. It is a greatest hits compilation from 1997-2004. With the new song, And love said no, which is an awsome song
I just bought And Love Said No, and it is awsome.
by Chris Creveling April 20, 2004
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