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The modern genre of Pirate music sung by modern pirates who play a mix of tradtional pirate music, like accordions, pianos, drums and a man who shouts avast, and a range of modern music, like guitars, turn tables and rapping.
The Bristol Pirate Crew with there pirate pedilow on the waters of Bristol.
by Chris Cottee January 08, 2004
Getting all your shopping done in a short time scale. Normaly done by males who don't like shopping or don't have the time.
When someone needs to get some new shoes but hates shopping and can only get them in there half hour work break.
by Chris Cottee January 08, 2004
The act of walking fast and aggressively with the aim to do something as fast and as well as you can without anyone or thing stopping you. Linked with power shopping.
"Come on guys, we're going to have to get our stomp on if we are to get this shopping done and then get to the pub to have a drink before we go back to work."
by Chris Cottee January 08, 2004
Name give to someone that does or says something you disagree with.
1/ How could you say that you Meat Head?!
2/ Get your hands off my chips you Meat Head!
by Chris Cottee January 08, 2004

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