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A derivitive of a Yiddish word meaning "friend", a gabber is a person who likes hardcore techno originating out of Rotterdam that goes by the same name. The name was coined supposedly when a club bouncer stopped someone, saying "Gabber, you can't come in here." Gabber can be used widely however, such as for a substitute for "dude" or "brother". Gabbers are also often mistakingly confused with neo-Nazis because they sometimes have shaven heads and wear black leather.
Gabber, get in the car.

Pump some of that gabber music!

Those gabbers are dancing like crazy!
#gabba #dude #brother #bro #friend
by Chris Beddow September 26, 2005
n. The other half of Christopher, an alternate for Chris.
SOme people call him Chris, but he prefers Topher.
by Chris Beddow April 14, 2004
To be fat and mosit at the same time.
George was foist when he got out of the shower.
by Chris Beddow May 15, 2005
n. Any object that has been grabbed by someone and thrust into their pants, making it lost forever.
My Coke became a schwa when Chris stole it and shoved it in his pants.
by Chris Beddow April 14, 2004
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