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A genre of music made famous in the early 21st century by the band White Stripes, centered around making a multi-million dollar Compact Disc digital recording sound like a 5 dollar vinyl record from the 60's. The music itself is simple in nature, and is often what most beginning musicians write in their early attempts at creating decent music. Brought into the mainstream by scene kids who thought that listening to an underground band was cool; Do not make the mistake in believing that these crap rock artists are all bad musicians, but just that most make it their goal to make bad music for people with no taste to eat up, while the artist makes money for music that most would consider unfit for major label backing.
(Jill)- "Hey Jack, have you heard the new White Stripes album?"

(Jack)- "Sorry Jill, I don't listen to crap rock."
by Chris & Kc September 30, 2005

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