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The word people use at the point in a conversation where they have forgotten what the hell they wanted to say and rather than finish the sentence just say Um...But yeah.
I was down the shop the other day and there was a really fat bitch there buying coke and pizzas, dunno who she was? Um...but yeah. She was fat.
And then I found 5 dollars
by Chopper2010 September 11, 2010
Cross between a fart and a shit. Where you think your just going to be doing a ripper of a fart but it contains undesirable solid matter.
John: Man Im hungover, this greasy burger is great! Think I need to fart though.

Silence......fart noises.

John: Ah no that was a shart!

Paul: Man thats fucking disgusting!

John: Shit yeah, I better go do the wipe test and change my undies!

Paul: Pwoarrr!! That stinks, fuck off!
by Chopper2010 September 11, 2010
The test required after doing a shart. To check if you really did shit your pants or was it just a really hot fart and it felt like you shit yourself.
Paul: Gees I think I've shit myself doing that fart...I think it was another shart.

John: Your rotten! Go and do the wipe test you dirty bastard.

Paul: I need to I think.
by Chopper2010 September 11, 2010

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