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aka, Chocolate Thunder, Bear Claw

A Biros is a harry yeti type beast, who feeds on small woodland animals and Bush Light. You may find a Biros seeking refuge in a small structure adjacent to his cave. When the Biros is not taking refuge, you may find him relaxing in a small body of water that he created by digging into the earth with his sharpened jaws. The Biros is a great climber, he sits and waits for his prey to approach while perched in a tree or atop a large rock. The Biros is also a great swimmer; he is able to swim up to 70 fathoms with out needing to take a breath and top swimming speeds of 40 nautical knots.

The Biros is usually a calm creature, but during mating session (January – July, restarts September – December) or in the month of August can be very aggressive. The Biros has a big sexual apatite, although unsure; the Biros will mate with anything that moves or doesn’t move.
“Oh look it’s a Biros, I hope its not mating season.”
by Chomp192er May 26, 2010

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