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A very intellectual word for an asshole fecal matter obviously being shit, with the excretion unit being the asshole.
I just squeezed a big log out of my fecal matter excretion unit.
by Chode bone November 15, 2006
A tubby person, particularly one tubby enough to occupy two lanes.
Hey tubby two lanes, move your fat ass over so I can get by.
by chode bone March 26, 2007
A legless dog is a term for a piece of shit, because it looks like a miniture brown dog without legs.
Where's your bathroom? I gotta send the legless dog out to sea.
by Chode bone November 10, 2006
1. To kill one's self, usually a prison term, to hang yourself with a sheet. Also a good way to wind up naked, in a paper johnny, in the infirmary, only say to screws who know you're kidding.
"Hey C.O., if you don't give me an extra corn bread I'm gonna hang it up!!!"
by Chode bone November 07, 2006
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