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pieces of shit stuck in ass hair, that will "knot" come off
Oh man i got some really rusty will knots
by Chode Master April 17, 2003
When a man farts out of his penis.......is that possible?
dood, was that a fart or what was that?
by Chode Master December 13, 2003
a word meaning-HEll nO?......your wrong my friend............no i won't
Do you wanna go to a movie with me? doubtski on that one
by chode master December 13, 2003
An adjective that describes a grossily obese person who has recently pissed you off,,,,,in some way or another,,,,particularily sitting on your head, popping out some wax from your ears
Hey jimbo,,,,,,wherd you learn to get to be such a chunkalunk.......Jimbo: I dunno,,,,,eating a shitload of eggrolls
by Chode Master December 13, 2003
the female reproductive organs. i.e. pussy
"Dude, i got four fingers into her crumpet"
"Yeah, the crumpet was a little hairy, but she had a nice rack..."
by Chode Master September 06, 2003
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