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3 definitions by Choadblower

Sealing a toilet bowl underneath the seat with a sheet of Saran Wrap, causing the defecator's shit to bounce back in.
Billy sabotaged the work shitter with a Cosby Kid Trampoline and I got shit all over my taint.
by Choadblower January 15, 2006
Creating a nest-like wreath of toilet paper inside the toilet bowl, then shitting on top to render the toilet un-flushable.
I got fired from Wendy's so I birdnested the toilets.
by Choadblower January 15, 2006
To pinch a fat load and/or diarrhea atop the toilet lid.
I had diarrhea and didn't have time to lift the lid, so I left a big soupy captain's platter.
by Choadblower January 15, 2006