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A security roll is a roll of toilet paper that you take into the bathroom with you to use as back up when the current roll is almost depleted.
Man 1: I gotta crap.

Man 2: Take a security roll, the roll in the bathroom is almost out!

Man 1: Thanks for the heads up.
by Chitin_Commando April 27, 2010
Television Indecision (TI for short) is the state of indecision about which television to watch while watching a sporting event at a sports bar. This condition tends to flare up when there is a tense or exciting game or fight on.
Guy 1: Man, I don't know which TV to watch, there are so many!

Guy 2: I know man, I can't either. I think I'll watch the huge projector.

Guy 1: But that big plasma screen is so much closer!

Guy 2: Man I hate Television Indecision.
by Chitin_Commando October 24, 2010

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