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I love these fucking rich white spoiled mother fuckers so much I just want to take a bat and go practice some good old american baseball. haha
what a bitch "my dad didnt have to do mods on his viper to humble some flaming ricer in his skyline" well thats your dad bitch what you got his old mustang? haha and how much does a viper cost anyways? you dumb little fucktard. lets get the stats right...a R34 Skylike GTR 277bhp @ 6800 rpm, 0-60 in 5.2 sec, 1/4 Mile 13.7 sec @ 103.5 mph, Top Speed 112 mph (electronically limited) which means without the governor Top Speed is 200+ easily switched... and the Viper GTS 450 bhp @ 5200 rpm, 0-60MPH 4.4 sec, 1/4 Mile 12.8 sec @ 116.2 mph, Top Speed est 185 mph. Tru the viper is fast in everyway compared to the skyline but it also costs a shitload more but if there was a straight road about 20 miles long the viper would still loose on that race cause your gay viper tops out at 185 while the skyline can well exceed that...zoom right by. all I got to say is Trust's RX-SROC 1006 bhp!!! muahahahha
by Chinh January 27, 2004

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