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When a guy slaps a girl across the face with his penis.
"Give me those cookies, or I'll chiliwhomp you!"
by Chiliwhomp January 18, 2006
Having two monitors on your home PC and working on one monitor and being non-productive on the other. Business on one side, party on the other.
Boss: "Allan, are you watching porn instead of working?"
Allan: "It's cool boss, it's my computer mullet. Check it, email is over here!"
Boss: "Tight!"
by Chiliwhomp September 10, 2010
When a person sticks their nose in between a man's penis and scrotum, therefore having a penis across their face and a scrotum on their lips and chin.
Tim logged on to Facebook after a night of drinking only to see a picture of Matt bunnocking him when he had passed out.
by Chiliwhomp March 12, 2009
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