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A person that can explode at any given moment, one minute everything can be super-duper and their company that of something wonderful and the next they are loathsome. They are very volatile and often the hothead. I know this how? I am describing me.
Joe Bloggs: "Hey come on wake up its 7 AM I am up so get your lazy ass out of bed"

Temperamental person: "GET THE $#%! OUT OF MY $#%!ing ROOM YOU STUPID $#%!"

..A while later..

Joe Bloggs: "Oh so you have finally emerged then and are you all right now?"

Temperamental person: "Huh, what you on about? I have always been fine what's for breakfast?"

Joe Bloggs: "Err your little going off on one?"

Temperamental person: "Yeah well, you shouldn't disturb my morning time then should you luv!"

Joe Bloggs: "Well YOU should be up and not sleeping the morn away!"

Temperamental person "$#%! OFF YOU STUPID PIECE OF $#%!.. I AM NOT YOU SO STOP INTERFERING THE $#%! IN MY $#%!ing life!!!"

by Child-Of-Corruption June 22, 2005

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