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noun. The equivalent of a drop out, scrat, moocher, tramp, scrounger, or someone who just can't be arsed.
Usually does stuff in a half-arsed manner and in extreme cases will openely admit their gammler status. Will cut every corner possible to minimise effort.
Often avoids spending money and therefore scrounges off more generous people.
Has no sense of organisation and no real care for their belongings.

verb. to gammeln = to bum around in a half-arsed nature.
Teacher: Josh your homework was pretty scratty i get the feeling you rushed it.
Josh: Yeah i did it on some paper i found on the floor...20 minutes before the lesson...with a crayon.

Wilton managed to find a youth hostel for 4 euros a night. He is the mother of all gammlers.

Wilton saves money by making a massive stew of left overs and eating it all week. Fucking gammler.

Pedraam: Josh why the fuck are you stirring your choco milk with a pen?
Josh: Cos' i can't be arsed to get a spoon.
Pedraam: Gammler.

Joe: What did you do in the summer holidays?
Josh: Gammelled around europe. Just hitch hiked cos its cheap.
Joe: Fuck you gammler.
by Chigunt January 11, 2009

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