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A brief romantic encounter usually occuring while traveling or on vacation, occasionally outwardly resembling a conventional relationship, but without any underlying comittment. May be rekindled at future opportunities.
Melissa? yeah, she's cool. We had a brief locationship at the company retreat last fall.
by Chiefnutz October 16, 2005
N. The index, middle and pinkey fingers, all employed in harmonious unison with the aim of pleasuring a female.
two in the pink, one in the stink
two in the junk, one in the trunk
two in the snapper, one in the crapper
two in the slit, one in the shit
two in the cooter, one in the pooter
two in the gash, one in the trash
two in the tight, one in the shite
two in the goal, one in the hole
two in the cunt, one in the grunt
two in the loose, one in the caboose
two in the blood, one in the mud
two in the funk, one in the skunk
two in the snack, one in the crack

"and if that don't work, slip her the shocker, brah!"
by Chiefnutz October 26, 2005
a rare and tragic combination of gastrointestinal malfunctions resulting in an embarrasing release of gasseos effluvia and inadvertantly, solid shite (a shart), which, due to the recent consumption of spicy food, simultaneously leads to a distressingly painful case of hotring. A lethal and humiliating combination.
"Dude, gotta go, I just sharted.... Holy fuck, it's shartburn!!!"
by Chiefnutz October 17, 2005
asspain the next day from eating spicy ethnic food. Actually enjoyed by some brave souls.
"Throw some more habs into that chili"
"No way, bro, they give me hotring."
by Chiefnutz October 17, 2005
1. a graphic description of an extreme wipeout in surfing, where the surfer is pinned to the bottom by the force of the wave, and the resultant tension on his leash keeps the surfboard perfectly vertical protruding halfway out of the water; appearing to spectators on the shore as a tombstone marking a watery grave.

2. metaphorically, experiencing helplessness in the face of an overwhelming oppositional force, often mother nature.
"Dude, Mark got worked at Waiamea yesterday, he was fully tombstoning!"

Q- "Another beer brah?"
A- "No thanks man - I'm still tombstoning from last night."
by Chiefnutz October 16, 2005

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