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Different arrays of farts with distinct sounds released while in the toilet (or any place). For example, the ass releases a sifting sound while the poop rushes down into the toilet water. Now the people listening from outside - either someone curious or someone waiting - will recognize it as a toilet tune. Some freaks will even record the fart sound and put it on their ring tone. Some legal issues have been filed due to lacking permission for using the sound without consent.
Bust out some toilet tunes off the freestyle my homie.
by Chief Rocka Kaka June 08, 2007
An arabic word expressing frustration with a particular person or event. It translates in English as "damn" or "damn you". It can be expressed vulgarly in the arabic language. Be careful when you use it around Arabic parents or friends. You might get in trouble!
*After getting cussed out by your mom for not taking out the trash*


*gets smacked with a water hose*
by Chief Rocka Kaka June 05, 2007

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