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short for "Ravenswood", a housing commision suburb in the city Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.

Ravo can be used to describe the suburb itself, or its inhabitants.
1. gotta go up to ravo to pick up some stuff.

2. some ravo flipped out at the bus driver.
by Chicken.Nugget February 28, 2005
a parranoied fear of non electronic writing methods, most common within IT industry
person 1 "dude... you got a pen?"
person 2 "nah."
person 1 "serious ? ...what do you write with."
person 2 "i don't"
by Chicken.Nugget February 28, 2005
chinese imitation rolex watch, commonly purchased on street corners or from street markets in shanghai, beijing, hong kong and bangkok.

expect to pay a little more than the cost of having a battery changed in a regular watch. watch out for men with overcoats.
street vendor (excitedly): missa, you rike rorex? onry 30 qwai!
you: too much! is it real?
street vendor: yesyes, swiss make! okok, 20 qwai. for you, goo plice!

and so on....
by Chicken.Nugget March 02, 2005
Australian Slang; used to describe ugly overweight girls from the country.

This use is derived from another Australian expression "out in the Scrub" reffering to the bushland lying beyond a farming community
jeez... shes a scrubba!
by Chicken.Nugget February 28, 2005
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