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The most mind bending temples that Zelda has to offer. In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the Water Temple is located on the bottom of Lake Hylia. When you first enter the Water Temple, you're greeted by a three story drop to the bottom of the Temple. Leaving you thinking: "Aw fuck..."
Then after an hour or two you figure out: "Holy shit! I can make the water rise!" You then think that your a fuckin' genius, but you're only 2% through the Temple.
When (if) you get to a room filled with water and a tiny little island in the middle, no, you are not high. Nor are you getting haunted by BEN. No, it's far worse. You're fighting Dark Link. After many failed attempts (even though you coulda used the Megaton Hammer), you get another Hookshot... But this time it's twice as long!
Now, it's all downhill from here. After you get the Boss Key and enter the boss dungeon, you're suddenly snuck up on by a tentacle monster that's gonna penitrate your ass! (Not)
After defeating Chaos- er... Morpha, you get you're next heart piece and the blue medalion!
"Omigod this store is like the fuckin' Water Temple, were the hell are the condoms!?"
by ChibiFurFox September 14, 2011

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