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A very interestingly sexy British actor. Many times called teh sex and is wonderfulER when paired with Billy Boyd.

Dominic Monaghan has stared in many projects such as the ABC television show 'Lost', The Lord of the Rings, Spivs, Shooting Liven, and much, much more.

Is often loved by the more "interesting" types of people...a.k.a Orflando Blook haters, not saying that you must hate Orflando Blook to like Mr. Monaghan.

He is said to be engaiged to Evangeline Lilly, a co-star on Lost.

Likes trees, insects, surfing, wildlife, among many other things, that I'm sure pretty much sure alot of his fans don't know.

Often called Dom more than Dominic.
Girl Number One: OH MY GOD! Did you see Dominic Monaghan?

Girl Number Two: Dom? Yeah! HE IS TEH SEX!
by Chewbacca_ate_the_Baccon July 09, 2006

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