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A beautiful, lovely and picteresque tiny town on the Upper Western Main Line which is mainly known for its legendary horse farms as well as the Ludwig's Corner Horse Show and Country Fair(Eagle Hunt Club).

Residents like the lack of pretension associated with most Main Line towns. Lifestyle here is definitely more laid back than in Gladwyne or Bryn Mawr. Kids don't have Agnes Irwin here but they do have the fab Waldorf School and Seven Stars Organic Farm.

Parents still sport their designer wardrobe but they seem to not be as concerned with status as most of the other Mainliners do.

Life is great in Chester Springs. The highlight of everyone's day is to drive up and down Rte 401 during any season (Spring and Fall being the best), rolling down car's windows, taking a deep breath and smelling the fresh air, grass, trees, even the lovely farms. In the Fall the scenery is beyond magnificent, with foliage comparable to any major New England town.

Chester Springs residents are proud of their address, 19425 is not only the hottest zip code on the Main Line but it is also the safest town in Chester County, and most likely in the top 25 safest town in the country.

Walking into the Upper Uwchlan police station and seeing the cops being the guys you went to high school with.

Walking into the Chester Springs post office and seeing your friends. The town has a great atmosphere, friendly folk living here.

by ChesterSpringsresident March 07, 2008

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