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When someone is really mad at you so they yell your first and middle name.(v)
Mom: "Betty Louise, did you make this huge dent in the car door?!"
Betty Louise: (on the phone)"Oh man, Sara, I just got middle-named, because my mom found out about the huge dent in the car door."
by Chesmerelda November 01, 2005
The British way of spelling. I love it...makes me laugh. Hehe!!! Because normal people spell things without the extra u...as in favorite, color, and savior. Booyah!
Harold: My favouuuuurite colouuuur is purple!
Tina: Harold, you're such a Brit, using all those excessive u's.
by Chesmerelda October 11, 2005
(verb) To lover something is to love something but not with the same passion as for your significant other. Besides saying you love this song or you love your shoes, use lover. Or if you wanna make up for hurting someone's feelings and you're not very close just say "I lover you!!"
Oh man, I lover this song!!! It's da bomb diggity!!
by Chesmerelda October 10, 2005
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