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Millionaire granddaughter to the famous Mr. Hilton who founded Hilton Hotels chain line. She has been known for late night partying and getting up to no good shenanegans. The 'princess' herself has carried her miniature chiuaua dog around in her bag and has become a signature move. She likes the colour pink alot. Just like some girls at your school may try to copy her. Or some are just naturally like that. Its part of their genetic build up so dont blame them for anything.
Hottie1 - "Woa that brunette skinny chick Emma acts like Paris hilton"
Hottie2 - "Yo dude dont blame her though, she wears minis with no undies. She turns me on!"
Hottie1 - "Yer i know aye man. Halleluja for dat!" (Hottie1 high fives Hottie2)
by CherryBombshell July 10, 2009

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