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The action of slapping a person (Usually a woman) with the palm of your hand, usually hard. This action is sometimes confused with a similar slap called a "Pimp Slap" The pimp slap is different from the Bitch Slap because it does not slap a "bitch" with its palm but with the back of its hand.
"Yo man this bitch was walking up to me saying im her baby daddy."
"Oh yeah? What'd you do?"
"I bitch slapped her, what else?"
by Cheoleo December 29, 2012
Also know as "I Dont Give a Fuck"
Used when you are bored or don't give any "Fucks" about the current topic or action that is occuring.
"I don't think this is the best idea..."

Reply: "IDGAF."
by Cheoleo December 29, 2012

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