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Someone who is ALWAYS late to any event.
Ex. Christmas Parties, Housewarming Parties, Meetings, etc.
Person1:"Oh wow Jordan pulled a Langner again."
Person2:"How late was he this time?"
Person1:"35 minutes."
Person2:"That must be a record! Its usually an hour..."
#langer #lagner #late #early #lange
by ChelseaDagger December 12, 2009
1. a explanation for an event, etc. that describes it as going "okay," or "so-so."

2. slang used in place of the word "shit."

3. describing if a person is average looking

4. a suffix added on to other words to show that they are "kind of" or "sort of" alike in some way.
1. A: "So how was the party?" W: "Eh.... It was ish."

2. D: "Awww Ish!" K: "Hahaha way to watch the language around your lady-friend."

3. C: "Okay would you go out with her?" P: "Naw. She's too Ish"

4. G: "Ugh this song is too rap-ish fot my tastes..."
#okay #so-so #issh #hott #ugly #ich #kind of #sort of
by ChelseaDagger August 30, 2009
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