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A regional vocational high school in Upton, MA.

The school is awesome for shop, but academics are awful. Known for massive amounts of homework. Starts earlier than other schools and ends later.

The school has students from 13 towns;

Mascot: Beaver
Colors: Purple, black, white and gold

Also known as Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School, Valley Tech, or BVT.
Jr High student #1: I sooo don't want to go to the town high school next year.
Jr High student #2: I know! Its gunna be wicked boring.
Jr High student #1: I'm just going to apply to Blackstone Valley Tech.
Jr High student #2: Me toooo! I hope we get accepted.
by Chelsea Challenge February 23, 2009
former rap trio from the UK.
Includes the brother of one, and two current members of Bring Me the Horizon;

Matt Nicholls "Phatt Matt"
Oli Sykes "Master Syko"
Tom Sykes "Tomalicous"

"omg oli is so amazing. i love listening to his rapping from when he was in Womb 2 Da Tomb"
by Chelsea Challenge March 14, 2009
crap hole in MA, where only prude people want to live. filled with narrow minded people that hate on local scene kids.
scene kid #1: did you see the way that gangster kid looked at me?
scene kid #2: yeah, he must be from millbury.
by Chelsea Challenge August 10, 2008
The Palladium

An all ages venue in Worcester, MA.
All shows are general admission (no assigned seating).
Books mostly alternative music artists.

2 stages;
the balcony (smaller stage)
downstairs (larger stage)

hxc kid 1: Did you see that 'A Day To Remember' is touring?
hxc kid 2: We HAVE to go see them at the Palladium.
by Chelsea Challenge March 10, 2009
1.(n). A nickname for Massachusetts.
Used mostly by people that dislike Massachusetts.
Only people from Massachusetts should use this term (usually)

2.(n). Girl with huge boobs from Massachusetts.
(adj). Used to describe girl with huge boobs from Massachusetts.

1.) "omg. this state sucks wicked bad. i can't wait to leave massahugetits. aha"

2.) Guy 1: "oh man! You hear/see that girl?"
Guy 2: "yeah dude! she had a thick Boston accent. and did you see that rack?!"
Guy 1: "haha total Massahugetits."
by Chelsea Challenge March 08, 2009
Stage name of Oliver (Oli) Sykes when he was in the rap group WOMB 2 DA TOMB.
Also known as "Grand Master Syko"
He dropped the name after WOMB 2 DA TOMB ended.

Only a true Oli fan would know him as Master Syko.

poser kid: 0MG oli sykes is AMAZINGGG. BMTH = <333
real bmth fan: wow. you wouldnt know oli if he walked right past you. i bet you dont even know who Master Syko is.
poser kid: *sigh*
by Chelsea Challenge March 15, 2009
(n). another term for coon tails.
used because coon tails are generally only sported by kids in the scene culture.
scene girl: look i put a coon tails in my extensions!
boy: haha, you mean your scene tails?
scene girl: shut up! i'm not scene.
boy: ya rite.
by Chelsea Challenge April 04, 2009

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