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When a man bitches and moans in a truly over-dramatic fashion, similar to the effects PMS has on a woman's mood. Can be used as a noun, verb or adjective (manstruate, manstruator, manstruating, etc.) Could also mean for a man to be "stroking his ego" through anger, similar to masturbation or angry sex but without the dick involved.
"Edward is throwing a tantrum at Betty for overcooking his steak. Edward has been caught in the act of manstruation."

"You're one hell of a manstruator when you haven't had your beer"

"Better be careful! If my father catches us in the act of sexual intercourse, he'll manstruate at you for sure!"
by Chekken February 07, 2010
An unbreakable law which states that when something cute is present, every woman and every feminine male within 30 feet of the cuteness MUST react with "awww!", "how cute!" or "adorable!!!" Similar reactions are also acceptable, but must somehow express how cute the thing is.

The law may exist because women and feminine men are considered "more empathetic" than is typical, so they...on second thought, there is no logical explanation.
Tony present Tina and her friends with a picture of his cat wearing little boots.
Girl 1: AWWW!
Girl 2: That is SOOO cute!
Girl 3: I just want to hug it!!!!
Feminine Male: That is the most adorable thing i've ever seen!!!

Tony and his friends have witnessed "The Aw Law".
by Chekken December 07, 2009

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