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A totally awesome Brother-in-law (brother of a sister-in-law), of no blood relation. He's a total man's man, who enjoys making nude hip-hop music videos, lifted trucks, welding, drive-ins, and taking self photos.

Positives: Good dad, cute, looks young for his age, confident, compassionate, generous and ambitious.

Negatives: Interrupts people while they talk and babbles the entire time through movies.

Oh yea, and he generally has crushes on his siister for years before telling her.
My, my, I love the way you move to that beat while taking off those Volcom shorts, Bruhder.

Hey Bruhder, did you make it with your siister yet?

You: So, I was driving down the street when...
Bruhder: - (interjects) This one time, at band camp...
by Chefjen February 03, 2010
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