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3 definitions by CheffxZilla

-when someone is getting on your nerves and you want to call them an idiot.

-this has more meaning because of the fact that Caleb Bear was a soldier in world war 2, he ran toward the enemy with a spoon thinking it was a gun because that is how stupid he was!(and the war messed him up as well)

-this phrase can also be used when someone has done something idiotic, like putting a whole potato in the microwave with out putting wholes in it to make a backed potato than it blows up!
"you just pulled a stupid caleb!
*man tries to give a wet Willie to the light bulb socket and gets zapped*

that man is a stupid caleb!

use in a sentence:

Dude!You're a stupid caleb you know that?

"What a stupid caleb!"

by CheffxZilla February 15, 2009
-When something is awesome, takes the cake and you can't find a word to explain it cause only nerds say epic now...so nothing is epic.

-Like boss but instead of using profanity you say this (Spank'n'bosom) to help put with more emphasis on your sentence or phrase.
That party was Spank'n'bosom.

Dude, your house is Spank'n'bosom.

I had a Spank'n'bosom time last night!

by CheffxZilla February 15, 2009
When something is to die for, and you want to show people that you really really like something or someone!

when you are hanging out with your gansta friends and your want to impress them with your knowledge of words that have lots of emphasis!

*note: use of word varies with the situation you can use it instead of saying "pimpin" because when you say "pimpin" you sound like a stupid caleb

-Man this wrapping paper isstella spank'n'bosom

-yo car is stella spank'n'bosom
with its under glow and snaze


by CheffxZilla February 16, 2009