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1.An answer to any question
2.a statement or really any part of speech (much like the F-word but g rated but still cool)
Can also be added with other words or tenses
Teacher-"billy whats the square root of pi"
Billy-"dippidy doo!!"
" I just dippidy did kattie in her parents bed"
" did you dippidy doo your homework?"
"Yea its dippidy done."
"Stop being a dippidy dickhead you dippidy deutsch bag!"
can also reffer to a game like setting like-
Bob-"say bill what time is it"
Bob-"your not drunk enough"
4-40oz MGD's later
Bob-"what time is it now bill"
Bill "dippidy doo!"
by Cheezler August 22, 2007

to commit an act much like that which Yoda himself would do.To blantently and obviously break the rules with out being cought (even when some one is watching, but your such a badass they dont cop you)
"The sign said no minors but jim just Yoda'd inside it was teh illist."
"Mom said no cookies before dinner but i Yoda'd one anyway!"
"boby jumped off a bridge and didnt break a single bone fucker just, Yoda'd"
by Cheezler August 22, 2007
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