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To act more sophisticated, affluent, or of greater importance than one really is.
Angela was really putting on the dog at last night's cocktail party. Little did those people realize she's just a humdrum accounting clerk.
#high horse #cheese weasel #cheesy #napoleon #cheesy chihuahua #snob
by CheetahCats April 11, 2010
A grossly wacked person, usually a dude.
Damn, that dude is so messed up - he's definitely a Dahlmer!
#dahlmer #dalmer #dalhmer #dallmer #wacked #messed-up
by CheetahCats April 11, 2010
A person who is cheesy, a snob, and one who thinks:
1. "They're all that!" and really aren't, or
2. Believes they know more than everyone else, but really don't, and/or
3. Thinks they are better than everyone else.

In usage, such a person is described as sitting on their gold plated toilet seat, or asked to "get off their gold plated toilet seat."

See also: high horse, putting on the dog
Did you notice Angela at today's staff meeting? She was sitting on her gold plated toilet seat, trying to tell everyone what to do! Everyone knows she ain't all that!
#cheesy chihuahua #napoleon #high horse #putting on the dog #gold-plated toilet seat #snob
by CheetahCats April 11, 2010
Primary: An loud, obnoxious person (yapper), who is also:
1. very tacky, and/or
2. disingenuous or inauthentic -cheesy, a cheese weasel, and/or
3. one who possesses one or more of the traits above and usually is also of short stature. See also napoleon, Short Person Syndrome.
Angela is such a cheesy chihuahua. Did you see how she hijacked the meeting with her loud mouth, took all the credit for the project, and yet actually did nothing contribute?
#cheesie chihuahua #cheezy chihuahua #cheezie chihuahua #cheesy chihuhua #cheezee chiwawa #cheesy chiwawa #firecracker #cheese weasel #short person syndrome #napoleon #yapper
by CheetahCats April 11, 2010
A negative connotation that refers to the county of Prince Georges, in Maryland; or a negative person or negative condition relating to the county of Prince Georges, in Maryland.

Geez, the crime around here is going up! Before long, this place will become another PG!
#pg #peegee #prince georges #pg county #pgc
by CheetahCats April 11, 2010
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