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4 definitions by Cheesin23

Premature ejaculation during vaginal intercourse
That girl's pussy was so tight, it made me cock sneeze
by Cheesin23 March 15, 2009
Defacating on a girl's face, forming a "hitler" style 'stache, then kicking her repeatedly, because she chooses to honor a man of such disgrace
My meanie boyfriend gave me a Nazi Roundhouse last night and I had to go to the emergency room!

Last night I gave a hoe a Nazi Roundhouse and broke that bitch's jaw.
by Cheesin23 March 15, 2009
The act of a man and woman getting naked, running through a cornfield and proceed to have very rough sexual intercourse when they reach the other side.
My girl and I were bored, so we just went and had a good 'ol Rushville Roughfuck this afternoon.

"Where's Jim and Kathy?"
"They went to have a Rushville Roughfuck"
by Cheesin23 March 15, 2009
When you fist a girl/guy in the vaginal or anal area, and then drop the remains in a cup, which can be drank.
Last night was awesome. Her Fisty Cup tasted really good
by Cheesin23 March 15, 2009