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When a person is acting like a tool and a complete noob
Frank's cousin called pauly a cheese stick.
by cheese dick September 05, 2012
shortest bassist eva! but cute neways! Fit as f**k! but far too big headed! LOL
Hes a rich bitch but spends it well and doesnt act or look as rich as he is!! he no's how to treat a girl well and turn her on!(oh orgie :P) any girl would be privaliged to have him by her side!
eg US!!
by Cheese dick November 09, 2003
an AMAZIN vocalist and guitar player! ( WOW multi- talented knows how to use his hands and mouth at the same time) he is fit and funny and takes advantage of that well! he is a very RaNdOm guy and we love him and always will!he is a spy i think! ( we saw u come out HEHE )he is a happy fellow!and we love his hair to !!:P
by Cheese dick November 09, 2003
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