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an athelete who participates in the sport of cheerleading.most are not sluts or preppy.and if they are, it has nothing to do with being a cheerleader. there are two types of cheerleaders:
Type 1-
a school cheerleader. stands on the sidelines, cheers for her team, performs during time-outs, and usually does stunts, but not very hard stunts. but not nescisarily stupid. at my school, all your grades have to be at least a B average.
Type 2-
An all-star cheerleader. Is on a team at a cheer gym, and does NOT have any sports teams attatched. they have a two and a half minute long routine, with tumbling, jumps, dancing, and STUNTS! all-star cheerleading requires extreme athletic ability. everyone on my team has to be able to do 100 push-ups non-stop. and were all under 11 years old. my team is stronger than the boy's gymnastics team at our gym. these kind of cheerleaders go to competitions. they train all year long for these competitions. at my gym, tryouts for the next season are the day we get back from our last competition. go on youtube and search "pro x cheerleading" and look at some real cheerleaders.

standing on the sidelines may not be a sport, but competitive cheerleading sure is.

and by the way, i am an all-star and school cheerleader. i only do school cheerleading so i can have more cheerleading in my life.
type one cheerleader-ohmygosh! did you see what jenny just did? she like totally like missed that last move! oohh! hi greg! call me! lets go team! lets go team! WOOOOO!! *jump*

type two cheerleader-im so scared about usasf nationals. at practice the other day my stunt group couldnt hit our sequence. its- front handspring load in, squish, tap, full up to full cupie, chinstrap, scorpian, triple down, reload, full heel stretch, bow-n-arrow. but i stuck my double yesterday. conditioning was a little easier yesterday. we only did 150 sit ups instead of 200. and we only did our routine 20 times. i think stacey was feeling generous or something.
by Cheerleader1365867 August 19, 2007

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