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Porn site for Nebraskans
My Nebraskan friend said Cornhub is the best site.
by Cheerio...x February 07, 2015
A complete shithole on the East coast of Scotland. Not much happens, people have funny accents and weird beliefs, such as the belief that anyone who lives in the same city as David Tennant "knows Doctor Who". They have no cars, only tractors, shag sheep for fun and give funny names to places, like Burntisland, which weirdly, is not burnt or an island.
Rosie: "Where are you going?"
Lauren: "Fife."
Rosie: "Oh shit. Good luck."
by Cheerio...x October 10, 2010
A remark used when someone is clearly fishing for sympathy, but definitely don't deserve it. Taken from the song Minnie The Moocher by Cab Calloway.
Fish (On a person on somone they treated like shit that has passed away): "OMG can't believe you're gone I love you so much"

Me: Boo-dee-hoo-dee-hoo-dee-hoo!
by Cheerio...x January 12, 2015

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