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1 definition by CheerCaptain32

NOUN: An incredibly cute, funny girl, with a crazy beautiful smile. She is short, blonde, and Captain of the Cheerleading Squad. She has the funniest and best friends in the universe! She has morals and is the farthest from a slutty whore, but tends to be flirty and accidentally lead guys on. She got a donk and a ghetto booty and knows how to work it. She has guys falling all over her, but rejects them all for her AMAZING boyfriend.

ADJECTIVE: To have an extremely high toe touch in cheerleading.
NOUN: She's so freaking amazing. We should call her ClaireBear.

ADJECTIVE: That jump was awesome! It was almost as good as a ClaireBear jump. :)
by CheerCaptain32 April 28, 2010