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Kyle Francis Falconer

Lead singer of the Scottish indie rock band 'The View'

Born of the 6th of June 1987, in Dundee Scotland, he writes The View's songs along with their bass guitarist Kieren Webster.

The most beautiful man in the entire world, his Dundonian accent is the incredible and never fails to give me butterflies. His mop of beautiful brown curls fit his perfect face so amazingly, I practically orgasm every time I see them.

Many English people cannot understand Kyle's wonderful voice, unlike me (I am English too), but they are incredibly uneducated.

E.G: I dinnae give a shite, man <--- This is an example of a phrase Kyle uses on a daily basis, beautiful? I know right.
"Hey, who's that amazing, beautiful, lovely, sweet, cute, fantastic, hilarious man over there?"
"Oh, him? He's Kyle Falconer."
by CheekyForAReason April 26, 2013

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