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9 definitions by CheekyBottom

Audrey is an internet scene queen who is most popular for having pink hair. She does a lot of promotion and partner work on/with the social networking site Buzznet. Her modeling is always under great criticism, but whether you love her or hate her, she does not seem to be going away anytime soon. Her grammar and spelling are an embarrassment - even to an uneducated person. She has been very lucky to walk the runway for fashion designer Jared Gold, especially given that she is only 5'4". Some people say that she is a wanna be factory girl - she and Linda Strawberry did a performance piece that was once displayed in the Andy Warhol museum.
Audrey Kitching is a pink haired model in L.A. She is far too skinny and should put less food on her head and more in her mouth.
by CheekyBottom July 26, 2009
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Kaiden Blake is an internet scene kid. He is most well known for his blue hair. He gained his popularity primarily from the social networking sites, Buzznet and Myspace. He has stated before that he is 'asexual' - but it is believed by many that he is really a closeted homosexual - though his die hard fangirls refuse to believe it. He spends most of his time whoring himself out on the interwebz & playing online games like Second Life. It has also been said that he is a musician and writer, but there is no proof of any valid work that he has put out. He moved to L.A. at some point and was seen hanging around with people like Audrey Kitching and Clint Catalyst - probably in hopes of feeding off of their popularity.
Girl 1 - who is this Kaiden Blake guy?

Girl 2 - you know, that trendy blue haired kid from myspace.

Girl 1 - um... no, I do not know.

Girl 2 - Oh, well, you are not missing anything.
by CheekyBottom July 25, 2009
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ModelMayhem is a social networking site similar to Myspace. But it is solely geared towards models, photographers, makeup artists, wardrobe stylists, hair stylists & graphic artists. Anyone can get a free profile there. Due to this fact, it has been over run with GWC's and non-model material models. There are many talented and legit individuals on the site, but there are also a lot of creeps and talentless hacks.
model1 - Have you made an account on modelmayhem yet?
model2 - not yet, should I?
model1 - go for it! Just watch out for perves.
by CheekyBottom July 26, 2009
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stands for 'I Was a Teenage Satan Worshipper.'
This is an indi/pop/electro group from Finland. Gained additional popularity through Myspace.
I can't wait for the new IWATSW album
by CheekyBottom July 26, 2009
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(pron. LAW-kee.) Acronym from Life As We Know It.
Are hydrocarbons a requirement of LAWKI,or could such life be silicon-based?
by CheekyBottom July 26, 2009
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also known as a potty protector.

This is the round ring of paper to put on top of the public toilet seat so that your bum does not come in contact with said seat.
If you are going to use a public restroom - you better hover or use a toilet halo!
by CheekyBottom July 26, 2009
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Area of the body between the midriff and the pubes.
Look at that skanky girl showing off her lowdriff.
by CheekyBottom July 26, 2009
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