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Centrally located between Watts and Beverely Hills, the University of Southern California is the home of the Trojans, Fuck the Bruins!!! USC is also home to the rich and select poor kids on scholarship. Also known as the University of Sexy Chicks, this is a ridiculous misnomer, but at least our bitches are hotter than the ones cross-town, Fuck the Bruins!!! The weeks consists of sleeping through classes and eating "food" in the on campus cafeterias. The weekends are filled with sausage-fest parties, unless you happen to be a frat boy. And let's not fail to mention the soon to be three-peat national football champs. Also see UCLA sucks at everything.
The University of Southern California Trojans fucked the Oklahoma Sooners 55-19.
by Cheeks February 12, 2005
A person who is overly friendly and wears bright clothing and neon plastic beads at Raves
That candykid is so full of love it makes me sick
by Cheeks August 18, 2003
A morons way of saying the word love
I lurb you to death.
by Cheeks August 18, 2003
Abbreviation for Happy Hardcore
Anobolic Frolics spins H.H.C.
by Cheeks August 18, 2003
A type of electronic music that has high BPM
Do you listen to happycore?
by Cheeks August 18, 2003
A person who listens to House music.
The girl dressed like a househead can dance well.
by Cheeks August 18, 2003
Someone who will do anything for a bump or a line of Ketamine.
The Kwhore was offering sexual favors in return for a bump
by Cheeks August 18, 2003

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