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A horrible plague like pheonmena sweeping throuogh the worst fed, worst dresesd, least intelligent, and McD obseesed, country of the known universe, AMERICA.


As far as its scope, its like the black plague that afflicted europe way back then. (when they didnt have MTV *gasp*)
It affects mainly the girls of the good 'ole U-S-OV-A.

As far as symtons go its like AIDs, bad.


Symtoms include:(but not limited, also list not entirly cataloged, thanks to massive and constant mutation of the plague strains otherwise known as "fads".)

-Exessive blond hair.
-Growth in at least 2 places *cough*
-Developing a condition called: DITz
-Beer belly lmao.
-Part of the dumbing down of america
-Infected Persons: "bimbo"
-Urge to wear shirts 2 sizes to small
-Reason for the size 0 pants.
-Stoopid Stoopid Stoopid
-Gave the color pink a whole new meaning (ITS FUCKING EERYEHERERERERE)
-Pink is the new black and there loving eachother (you never see pink on shirts w/o black)
-Overly dyed, falling out hair.
-167.9% PREP
-the reason Abercrombie is a sucessful company
-Urge to form 'clicks' with other infected persons. (eg: stoopid ppl)
-Hitting annonomously on Rap ppl


-Breaking a nail
-Not showering for 5 minutes
-the mall being nuked
-(death of rich parents)
-Napalm applied to infected persons house
-Week old cloths
-Cell phone bannage! (aka, Ur Cell phone minutes just... got... BELEETE"D!!!!)
-Surgicaly removing the word "like" from said persons english vocabulary(/smallish brain)
-AIM being permenantly BELEETE"D from said persons computer.
-An AIM virus

Known Causes:

-teenage yrs
-Rap (pretening thier black actaully almost the exact opposite)
TheDailyShow: Lately the bimbonic plague has been sweeping america.
by Checkov- May 10, 2005
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