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The first name of the high school boy who runs Kaiba Corp. Seto is the #1 gamer in Japan, and Yugi is the only person who has beaten him.
Seto Kaiba is an awesome gamer!
by Chebie January 24, 2004
One of Yugi's friends. Ryou possesses the Millennium Ring, which holds the Evil Spirit of the ring, bakura.
Ryou's favorite card is the Change of Heart, which allows you to control one of your opponent's monster cards for one turn.
by Chebie January 24, 2004
Bakura is the evil spirit that resides in the Millennium Ring. Bakura, not to be confused with Ryou, the possesor of the Millennium Ring.
Bakura is so sexy!
by Chebie February 29, 2004
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