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The act of shoving an object, such as the tail of a cat, into your "household" for sexual satisfaction
Person 1: Why did your cat cheapx just limp out of your sisters room??
Person2: Oh she must have been householding it really hard earlier
Person 1: oh
by Cheapx December 07, 2009
A dog, or pet
I love muh dwets
by Cheapx December 07, 2009
pronounced: cheap-ex

1. a cool name to name your cat;
2. a sexual black cat used for reasons such as householding

(See definition of "householding")
person 1: dont even lie, i saw you last night with my cheapx's leg shoved up your ass
person 2: OUCH, really ? it was nice though, i love smooth cats
person 1: yeah i just shaved him.
by Cheapx December 20, 2009
Your anal region or opening used to dispose of solid waste or insert objects
My household is so beat i can shove my whole dwet's leg into it!!!
by Cheapx December 07, 2009

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