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Sometimes short for Gargoyle, but still can carry all the meanings above.
"That garg is hard 24/7, and I mean that in 2 ways."
by CheapAlert March 03, 2004
Firebrand is one of Capcom's most recognizable characters to date. He is a red-orange gargoyle with blue cuffs, and a very pointy head. Breathes fire, air, etc... Started life in 1986 on Ghosts n' Goblins. Retired-ish on Demon's Crest in 1994. Making partial comeback in SvC Chaos.
"Gargoyle's Quest II", 1992
"Demon's Crest", 1994
by CheapAlert October 02, 2003
Somebody who uses Blender alot, and can do everything quick and great looking.

Shadowdragon is a blenderhead
by CheapAlert April 28, 2004
Something T-K (Tomato-Killer) says when getting killed. Usually "man" typo'd
"ah amn...."
by CheapAlert March 03, 2004
Gettin' hard.
A Gargoyle can petrifies in the day.

Let's get some petrified wood

Man, that's one petrified boner!
by CheapAlert March 03, 2004
Getting stabbed in a "different way"
I was shocked by that horrible stabing! I won't sleep tonight.
by CheapAlert December 05, 2003
The red gargoyle from Disney's Gargoyles. Most favored of them all.
Brooklyn is kinda cute.
by CheapAlert October 02, 2003

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